Success Story: How QuotingCentral Helped a Tradie Boost Their Business

Discover how our app helped John, a plumber, create accurate quotes in less time and increase his profits Summary: QuotingCentral is the ultimate quoting app for tradies. Our powerful software makes it easy to create accurate quotes, manage your expenses, and increase your profits. But don't just take our word for it - hear from one of our satisfied users, John the plumber Problem: John was struggling to create accurate quotes for his plumbing business. He found himself spending hours poring over spreadsheets and trying to figure out the right prices for his services. This often led to mistakes and delays in getting quotes to his customers. Solution: John started using Quoting Central, a cloud-based quoting and estimating platform designed specifically for tradies. Here are the steps he used to solve his problem:

Step 1: Customizable templates - John used Quoting Central's customizable templates to create professional-looking quotes quickly and easily. He was able to customize the layout, font, colors, and branding of his quotes to match his business, which helped him present a more professional image to his customers.
customizable quote template Step 2: Reusable quotes - John saved his quotes as templates, so he could quickly generate new quotes for similar jobs without having to start from scratch. This helped him save time and improve his efficiency. Step 3: Accurate estimating - Quoting Central includes tools for accurate estimating, such as calculators for materials, labor, and overhead costs. This helped John ensure that his quotes were accurate and profitable, which helped him avoid underquoting and increase his profits. accurate estimating app Step 4: Cost calculating - Quoting Central includes a cost calculator that helped John calculate the cost of a job and determine his profit margins. This helped him make informed decisions about pricing and ensure that he was making a profit on each job. Step 5: Invoicing and payment processing - Quoting Central allowed John to easily generate invoices and process payments. He was able to create and send professional-looking invoices with just a few clicks, which helped him get paid faster and improve his cash flow. image Result: After using Quoting Central for six months, John saw a significant improvement in his business processes and bottom line. According to a study by ServiceM8, tradies who use a quoting and estimating software witness a 20% increase in revenue. Here are John's specific results: 30% increase in productivity - John was able to complete 30% more jobs in the same amount of time.
20% increase in revenue - John's increased productivity and efficiency led to a 20% increase in revenue.
100% customer satisfaction - John's customers were happier with his work, thanks to his improved efficiency and accurate quotes.
In addition to John's personal experiences, a study by ServiceM8 found that tradies who use a quoting and estimating software witness a 20% increase in revenue. This indicates that Quoting Central's features and benefits are not unique to John's experience, but are likely to help other tradies as well.
To showcase the features and benefits of Quoting Central, we have included a video below. This video provides an overview of Quoting Central's key features, including customizable templates, accurate estimating tools, and easy invoicing and payment processing. The video also includes testimonials from satisfied customers who have used Quoting Central to improve their business processes.
with a quoting and estimating app, John was able to increase the efficiency and profitability of his plumbing business. He found that the app helped him reduce errors and avoid underquoting, which led to a significant increase in the number of jobs he was able to take on. John also appreciated the ability to easily generate reports and track his business finances, which helped him make more informed decisions about his business. We hope that this case study has provided some valuable insights into how Quoting Central can help tradies improve their business processes and increase their profits. If you have had a similar experience using Quoting Central or any other quoting and estimating software, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your experiences with us.
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QuotingCentral has transformed the way I run my business. The app is so user-friendly and has all the features I need to create accurate quotes in minutes. Since I started using QuotingCentral, I've been able to win more jobs and increase my profits. The best part is, I'm no longer spending hours manually calculating costs and creating quotes. The app does it all for me, which has given me more time to focus on the things I love about my job. I highly recommend QuotingCentral to any tradie who wants to take their business to the next level
John Plumber